A new model
in patient

Pharmaceutical marketing that
gives patients the knowledge to
seek the right advice

Giving patients the knowledge to seek the right advice.

When Novartis wanted people to have better conversations with their doctor, they made us their Clarion.

Changing patients' mindsets

Life could be better

With people across the UK living with conditions that receive less support and have a lower awareness of available treatments, many have given up hope of a better quality of life. Novartis, alongside Clarion, established a pharmaceutical marketing strategy that set out to change this perception.

Making a difference
to patients’ lives

Confidence through knowledge

We take an educational approach to achieve our goal of giving patients the knowledge, and therefore the confidence, to have well-informed, better quality conversations with their healthcare professional.

Insight driven strategies hit the mark

The mark of patient empowerment

Extensive research helps us understand the different audience and patient groups. The insights enable us to shape the creative and the messaging that really hits the mark.

With bespoke strategic solutions for roll-out, the media placement, measurement metrics and optimisation constantly evolve throughout every campaign – ensuring we achieve the goal of patient empowerment and activation.


With just a small percentage of the UK population affected by some uncommon conditions, our pharmaceutical marketing campaigns have to reach millions across every demographic. Our creative must instantly resonate with the relevant people in order to find and activate those small audience groups.

Every channel marketing

We deploy strategic and fully integrated campaigns that leave no stone unturned

Combining multiple digital marketing channels with offline advertising we find the right people.

We mix online and offline advertising:
• Display advertising
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube pre-roll
• Native
• Remarketing
• TV
• Radio
• Out-of-home (OOH)
• Print and press advertising

We build the websites that build the confidence

Giving patients what they need

The websites sit at the heart of every campaign. With a wealth of information at patients' fingertips, we develop concise, jargon-free content that they can take and use in the real world. Complete with interactive online tools and helpful resources, we take the audience on a journey to better quality conversations with their HCP.

At Clarion, we develop the information architecture, create the content, carry out the website design and build, and ensure an engaging user experience that gives patients the information they need.

Performance through analytics

Keeping a close eye on performance

We utilise the latest in marketing technology. Overlaying Google Analytics, social media listening applications and other relevant analysis tools gives us real-time insight into audience behaviours – the best performing channels, which creative is generating the highest levels of engagement and which online tools and content are keeping our audience engaged.

This constant stream of data gives us the the ability to adapt and optimise across all activity, ensuring our clients achieve the biggest bang for every buck.



Through our cooperative and trusting partnership with Novartis, we’ve brought together best of breed talents to achieve results that far exceed expectations – for our client, for ourselves and most importantly, for patients.

How we made a difference

Record traffic to
campaign websites

pharmaceutical marketing

A true first in
patient activation

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